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Search for e-books, journal articles and more using Summon
Summon is a Google like search engine which searches many of our library resources in one fast easy search. It searches books, journals, full-text articles and much more. Need more help? The Summon User Guide will help you.

  • Words in a specfic order use " " e.g. "forensic science"
  • Limit your search to only find full-text, time period or subject etc
  • Alternatively you can search the individual resources listed in your subject guide.
For help please contact library@abertay.ac.uk
News and Events
18 November 2014
Library study zones
The Library is busy! Whether you are studying in the Library, waiting for a class or just looking for a free PC, please be aware of the different study zones......
24 October 2014
Sign-up workshops- November 2014
Need help with finding, referencing and presenting information? Get help at our IT & Library Workshops 3rd-14th November.
16 September 2014
IT & Library drop-in sessions start from 16th September
The regular IT& Library drop-in sessions start again from 16th September
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