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Our eLibrary is an ever-expanding resource with online access to a huge range of resources including: books, journals, market research, company information, conference proceedings, legislation, case law etc. With so much available online, it can be difficult sometimes to know where to look.  Please see the FAQ below and if you're still unsure, contact us for help.



Use LibrarySearch. Simply enter the book or article title and it will check our collection. If available online, simply link to full text.

Use LibrarySearch. Enter the keywords that best describe the subject you're looking for eg "social media". Review or add keywords as required.

Use LibrarySearch. Browse Journals near the top of the page for our A-Z list of eJournals. There are thousands, so best to use the search function. Search for the name of the journal, making sure it is spelt correctly. Once you have the journal open, browse for the year/volume/issue you need. Alternatively, most journals have a search function.

To do a comprehensive search, or to find particular kinds of information eg case law, you may need to search individual databases. Browse our A-Z of Online Resources to find the database you need.

If you find anything that doesn't open or work the way you had expected it to, please let us know. Contact us on


Other resources:

Further help and advice is available on the following types of resource:


Remember, eResources need to be referenced; whether found using any of our online search tools, or found on the Internet.

See our referencing pages for help and advice.

Getting help

With help on finding and accessing eResources, finding literature to support your work, or with referencing:


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