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Reading lists

1.       Why do we need online reading lists?

The aim of the project is to implement an effective and efficient online solution to reading lists. A collaborative project between the Library and Academic staff which ultimately aims to improve internal workflows and enhance the student experience.

 2.       What are the benefits?

 To students:

  • Have one definitive up-to-date reading list
  • Links easily and quickly to the resources you need for your module
  • Prioritise your reading – readings are marked according to their priority
  • Easy to access – linked to your Blackboard modules

 To staff:

  • Integrated with Blackboard
  • Create and update your reading lists quickly and easily
  • Flexible layout allows you to organise your readings your way, and to link to a variety of different resources eg books, journal articles, websites etc
  • Ensures the Library has what your students need 

3.       FAQS

 Student FAQs:


If an online list has been created for your module, you will find a link to it in Blackboard. Navigate to your module and the link will be in the left hand menu.

Simply open your list and follow the links to the items on the list.

Anything your tutor thinks is relevant to the completion of the module; this could be books, journal articles, websites etc.

This is a new project so it will take time to embed. Either contact the module leader, or the Academic Librarian for your School.

If you find anything that doesn't work the way you’d expected it to, please let us know. This will help us to improve this service for everyone. Please contact the Academic Librarian for your School.

 Staff FAQs:

Ultimately, academic staff should create/edit their online readings list(s) and send them to the Academic Librarian for their School within these designated deadlines:

   • Term 1 reading lists: by mid-June

   • Term 2 reading lists: by mid-November

   • Term 3 reading lists: by mid-March

If we have already created a list for you, simply follow the link to 'Reading List' in the left hand menu of your module space in Blackboard. We will have set you up with the relevant permissions to edit your list.

Take a look at our short Leganto Guide to get started, or contact your Academic Librarian for assistance.

If there is no link to Reading List in Blackboard, contact your Librarian on how to proceed.

Now that you’ve created/edited your list:

   • Send to Library
   • Publish. This will automatically make your list available online. Administrative tasks are required to process your list, but we endeavour to complete these as soon as possible.

You don't need to do anything. If however the reading list link does not work, contact your Academic Librarian.

If you need help using any aspect of online reading lists, or if you have any queries, please contact the Academic Librarian for your School.


4.       Feedback

 As this is a new service, we’d really like to know what you think about it. For example:
  • Students – has it helped you find relevant books for your course work?
  • Staff – have you found it easy to use?
  • Staff & Students  – is it a relief to know there’s now only one place to find your reading list?

 Please forward any questions or feedback to your Academic Librarian.

 Thank you for taking the time to help us with this project.

 5.       Contact details

 Any queries, please contact the Academic Librarian for your School: 
Dundee Business School Carolyn Mustard,
School of Arts, Media and Computer Games Sinead McGhee,
School of Science, Engineering and Technology Susan Smith,
School of Social and Health Sciences Noelle McDougall,



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