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Welcome to the Law subject page.  This guide highlights the key resources for your subject area, and the key services and facilities available from the Library.

Your Librarian is Carolyn Mustard. Carolyn can help you find the resources you need for your research, and advise you on how best to reference them.


Tel: 01382 308891

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Subject specific journal collections/databases

The key resources for your subject area are:

Legislation, case law and legal journals

  • Lexis Library
    Case law, legislation, legal journals. Access to full-text of many UK newspapers.

  • Westlaw
    Legislation, case law (including EU legislation and case law) and legal journals. 

 Multidisciplinary collections that include law journals:

Websites - sources of freely available reports, papers, books etc

Key websites for your subject area include: 

Case Law

  • Index to legal abbreviations. Use this website to find out abbreviations for both case reports and journals.
  • Open access Scottish law reports. A searchable database of over 650 key Scottish Cases since 1873 provided by the Scottish Council of Law Reporting. The full report is not available although details of the case and the opinion are.
  • Scottish Courts website. Court judgements for Court of Session, High Court of Justiciary and Sheriff Court.
  • House of Lords cases. Decided cases from 1838 until 31st July 2009. From 1st October 2009 the Supreme Court asssumed jurisdiction on points of law for all civil law cases in the UK and all criminal cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

EU Law

  • EUR-Lex. This portal is a good place to start if you are looking for European Union Law. The free service provides access to Case Law.
  • CURIA. This site provides access to The European Court of Justice and The Court of First Instance - the two courts which interpret and enforce European Law. Access to the full-text of cases heard in these two courts.
  • European Court of Human Rights. Includes reports of judgements and decisions and analysis of case law.
  • European Sources Online. An online database and information service which provides access to information on the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries, regions and other international organisations of Europe, and on issues of importance to European researchers, citizens and stakeholders.
  • Europa. The portal site of the European Union. It provides up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and essential information on European integration. 


 Legal Websites

  • BAILII. Access to Freely Available British and Irish Public Legal Information.
  • IALS (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies). Access to a number of free resources including FLAG (foreign law guide), current legal research topics database and the FLARE index to Treaties (1856 to the present).
  • Lawlinks. A comprehensive gateway service, offering annotated links to legal information on the internet compiled by the Templeman Library at the University of Kent.
  • Scottish Law Commission. reports, discussion papers and consultation papers from 1965 onwards.


  • UK Statute Law database. The UK Statute Law Database (SLD) is the official revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom made available online. (Please note: Revised legislation is currently being brought up to date, a warning notice will be alongside any legislation which has not yet been updated).
  • OPSI. Access to the full-text of Acts or Parliament from 1988 and Statutory Instruments from 1987 onwards.

 Parliamentary research papers

Reading Lists


Log directly into Blackboard to see if an online list is available for your module(s). If there's not one available, ask your module leader to contact the Library.


Log directly into Blackboard to access and make changes to your reading lists. More information on how to do this can be found from our Reading Lists page. Alternatively, contact your Academic Librarian.

Evaluating your resources

Remember, when deciding which resources to use for your research, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I using the right type of resource? ie too many books could make your research quite general - have you used any journal articles? are you using too many websites? 
  • Are your resources current? Depending on your subject area, you made need to use only the most up-to-date of literature.
  • Is what you're using reliable? ie if it was found on the internet: is it a reliable source? when was the website last updated?

Other resources

There may be other types of information available that you hadn't considered using, or you'd like more help with, such as:

Legal information

Advice on finding case law and legislation.


How to find full text newspaper content.


For help with referencing styles: Harvard, APA and OSCOLA.

Online help

There are various ways of getting help, both online and in person:

GettingStarted @Abertay

Get a headstart with this quick online guide to getting started with the Library and IT at Abertay.


Online information and interactive tutorials on IT, referencing, academic writing and more.

Getting help

Details of who and how we can help.