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Ordering books and other materials for the Library

How do I order items on my module reading lists?

After consultation with Heads of Division in early 2016, a Service Agreement between Schools and the Library was introduced. This agreement aims to:-

  1. Enhance reading list quality and consistency so that students and staff understand what is required of them.
  2. Establish more efficient and effective workflows between academic staff and Library Services including deadlines for submitting reading lists and formats of reading lists. 
  3. Outlines the responsibilities of academic and library staff in ensuring that items on module reading are provided in the right formats, quantities and loan periods in a timely manner.
Reading List Service Agreement between Schools and Library Services

Reading List Service Agreement rationale

How do I order other items?

Priority will be given to items on module reading lists but staff are also encouraged to to suggest books and journals for the Library so that it is suitably stocked to meet teaching, learning and research needs. An allocation is made to your School from the library budget to purchase learning resources. The allocation is made using current FTE figures.

  • Send your requests to your Library Liaison Officer by email or any other method of their choice so that they can authorise the purchase .
  • If you find items in a publisher's catalogue, you can also mark the items in the catalogue and send it to you Library Liaison Officer for approval.
  • Forward the information from a Web site e.g. Amazon or other online book suppliers to your Library Liaision Officer.

Remember - all orders must be approved by your Library Liaision Officer. We are unable to add to stock and pay for books that you have ordered on approval personally.

Personal orders

We can order non-library items for your projects or research wherever you work in the University. Contact Book Orders with the details, a full fund code, and e-mail authorisation from a signatory of the fund.

The structure of the code is as follows: 1-XXXX-YYYY, where XXXX is the Cost Centre and YYYY is the Subjective Code. More information about which fund code to use and who the authorised signatory of the fund is can be found on the University Finance Pages.


What happens after the book is received?

Once received in the books will be processed as soon as possible with priority given to urgent orders. Please note that publishers often advertise books well in advance of publication and there may be significant delays in obtaining these. If a book is reported out of print we can, where possible, buy good quality secondhand copies.

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