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Users with disabilities

Physical access in the Library

  • Getting in to the Library: There is a button operated entrance to the Library on the left hand wall, for wheelchair users and users who have difficulty using the revolving door.
  • Inside the Library: All areas of the Library are accessible by using the lift. The lift is for authorised use only. If you are a student please speak to the Adviser for Students with Disabilities to arrange for a lift pass. Visitors, staff or anyone with temporary difficulties using the stairs should speak to staff at the Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ) .
  • The lift has audio warnings for door opening and closing and has audio and visual alerts when reaching a new Library Level. It is fitted with tactile low-level controls.There are toilets suitable for wheelchair users on all levels. These have alarms fitted in case of difficulties. 

Emergency evacuation

  • In the event of a fire alarm students should have a personal plan to ensure their safety when leaving the Library. Visitors should speak to staff at the SEZ on arrival where they will be issued with a mobile phone or pager and given information on the Temporary Waiting Areas just outside the fire exits on each level, where library users can wait safely until they can be helped from the building.

Getting books from the shelves

  • Help is available for users with mobility difficulties to retrieve books from the shelves.
  • A book retrieval service is available; complete the Book Retrieval Request Form with the details of the items you need including: author, title, collection, edition and classification number. Please also check LibrarySearch to confirm that the item(s) you need are not already on loan. Requests received before 12.00 will be ready for collection by 17.00. If we are unable to retrieve your requested items we will email you to let you know. The self-issue card readers are at wheelchair user height, although any user who has difficulties with self-service can take items to the SEZ for issue and return.

Using PCs, and multifunction printers

  • There is a PC on Level 1 which is priority use for wheelchair users. This PC has a big-keys keyboard and trackball.
  • There is a print credit kiosk in the foyer at a suitable height for wheelchair users or users can add to their print account at the SEZ.
  • There is a scanner on level 1 at a suitable height for wheelchair users and the control panel on the multifunction printer on Level 1 can be lowered for easier access for wheelchair users.
  • A photocopying request service is available for users with mobility difficulties; complete the Photocopy Request Form with as much information of the items you need as possible including: author, title of book/article, edition, chapter number, page numbers etc. Please also indicate if you would like this photocopied to A4 or A3, and if you would like the item(s) stapled. All requests must be accompanied by a copyright declaration with a written signature. Please hand in the signed copyright declaration at SEZ. You must have sufficient funds in your print account to cover the cost of the photocopying. Requests received by 12.00 will be ready for collection by 17.00.
  • Microsoft Ease of Access options are enabled on all student PCs - set up your preferred options on the desktop before you log in.

Other useful services

  • Users with mobility difficulties may find access to off campus facilities particularly useful. You can access electronic resources and renew your books from home.
  • A back support and foot rest are available for loan from the SEZ.

Facilities and services for users with visual impairments, dyslexia or difficulties with reading or spelling

  • Printing and photocopying: Students with dyslexia or a visual impairment may be entitled to reduced cost printing. Contact the Adviser for Students with Disabilities for more information.
  • Students with a severe visual impairment or dyslexia may be able to have items photocopied outwith regular copyright legislation, under the terms of the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002. Further guidance is available on our copyright pages.
  • The multifunction printers in the Library can enlarge copies.

Assistive technology

  • Zoomtext is installed on a PC on Level 1 of the Library
  • TextHelp Read and Write Gold is installed on all PCs in the Library
  • Freemind is installed on all PCs in the Library
  • Coloured overlays are available for loan at the SEZ
  • For full details on the assistive technology please consult the user guides or contact the Library's disability support officer for a demonstration.

Facilities for users who are deaf or who have hearing difficulties 

  • There is an induction loop installed at the SEZ for users who have hearing difficulties.
  • For BSL users we have staff support up to BSL Level 1. If you will need a BSL interpreter please contact the Adviser for Students with Disabilities in the first instance.