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Overnight loans

Overnight Loan

What is an overnight loan?

How do I find an overnight loan

How do I book an overnight loan?

Placing items on overnight loan (academic staff only)


What is an overnight loan?

Overnight loans are heavily used texts selected by members of teaching staff because they are likely to be in great demand. In order to allow the maximum number of students to see them they are issued on a fixed overnight loan only.

  • Overnight loans can be borrowed at any time during the day from 08.30 in the morning if they have no prior bookings.
  • They will always be due for return before the library closes the following day (Friday issues are due for return before closing on Monday).
  • Overnight loans will be automatically renewed once, providing they have not been booked by another user
  • You can borrow up to two items on overnight loan at any one time.
  • Overnight loans have high overdue charges of 50p an hour to ensure that they are returned on time for other users.
  • Overnight loans can be booked up to 3 weeks in advance.
  • Overnight loans can only be issued to registered staff and students at Abertay University, although they are available for reference use for all library users.

There may also be other copies available in normal lending stock. To find out, check LibrarySearch

How do I find an overnight loan?

  • Overnight loans are on LibrarySearch. You can find overnight loans just as you would any other text, by using title, author or keyword options. 
  • They will display as being at collection "Overnight lending".
  • Most overnight loan text books are interfiled on Level 3 with the main library stock. They can be identified by the special "overnight loan" label that is on the spine. Remember that there may be other copies of the same text book available for a longer loan.
  • Overnight loans should be borrowed and returned by using the self-service machines on Level 1 in just the same way as other texts, but remember you can only borrow 2 overnight loan items at any one time.
  • Always check your return date/time. If an overnight loan has been prebooked by another borrower then the loan period will be shortened and the item cannot be renewed.


How do I book an overnight loan?

Overnight loans can be booked up to 3 weeks in advance. Bookings can not be made for the same day, but if an item has no prior bookings and is on the shelves it can be borrowed in the usual way. Only two overnight loans can be booked at any one time. All bookings are due for return before the library closes the following day (or Monday if borrowed on Friday), unless there is a prior booking. To place a booking:

  • Go to LibrarySearch
  • Search for the item you wish to book
  • Click on the Get it option and if there is more than one copy select the copy that is at Overnight Lending
  • Select the Request option 
  • Select the date and time that you want to place the booking for. Note that your booking must begin and end during library opening hours and the booking start and end times must not exceed 24 hours otherwise your request will be declined.
  • You can see existing bookings from the Check Availability link
  • Click on the Request button. 
  • If your booking is successful you will see the message Request Placed
  • Further help is available at the Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ).
  • Your booked item will be available for collection from the Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ) or if SEZ is closed ask one of the library auxiliaries on roving patrol for help.

Placing items on overnight loan - Academic staff only

If you have sent your module reading lists to the Library, copies of items which are categorised as Essential should already have been placed on Overnight Loan according to the ratios outlined in the Reading List Service Agreement between Schools and Library Services

If you feel we will need additional copies of items, please contact your Academic Librarian who can discuss adjusting the loan periods of existing copies or the purchase of further copies if appropriate.

For more information about ordering items for the Library or using the CLA Scanning Service  to make individual chapters or articles available,  please see our guidance for Academic Staff


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