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ID card

Your student card is also your Library card.  You will need this to borrow and print whilst in the Library, and is your primary form of ID whilst on campus.

As such, please carry it with you at all times.

Once you have registered and received your card, you are automatically given library membership. There's no need to do anything else.



Your library card - students

Please check your card on receipt to make sure all your details are correct. Any inaccuracies should be reported to Registry.

Your student card can also be used as ID to borrow from other libraries, to gain access to the Student Centre and to get discounts in various retail outlets.

Dundee City public libraries will use your student card as your community library card. The National Entitlement Card on the reverse of the University of Abertay student card, including Young Scot, may still be valid after you have finished your studies.

Lost/stolen/faulty cards

If you have lost your card, it is stolen, or it is faulty or bears incorrect details in any way, contact the Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ) as soon as possible. If lost or stolen, you will be responsible for any losses until the date you notified us.

There is a charge of £10 for a replacement card, the charge for which is waived on production of a crime reference number in the event of theft. A temporary card will be issued until your replacement card is ready to collect.

If the information on your card is incorrect or becomes out of date eg your card expires or your name changes, inform SEZ who will arrange a free replacement.

Replacement cards normally take approximately 2 weeks to arrive. We will email you to let you know when the replacement card is ready to collect.

Your library card - staff

Members of staff will be issued with a staff ID card, of similar appearance to the student card. You will need your staff card to borrow from the Library.

New staff who have not yet been issued with a staff card can join the Library and be given a temporary card as an interim measure. Please contact the Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ) on Level 1 of the Library. You will need your staff number or other authorisation.

Staff should contact HR if they require a new or replacement staff card. Once your card has been produced you will be emailed to collect it from SEZ.

Your library card - new and prospective students

For your Library smart card to be ready on your arrival at Abertay we need to pre-order it. All new students must upload a coloured passport size photograph via the student portal OASIS or attach a coloured passport size photograph to the ID card form in your orientation pack and return it to Registry. Your photo must adhere to the photo guidelines below:

  • recent and recognisable as yourself.
  • taken against an off-white or light plain background.
  • a close-up of your head and shoulders.
  • in sharp focus and clear.
  • have no shadows or hair across the face.
  • you facing forward, looking straight in to the camera.
  • neutral expression.
  • formatted in a jpeg file (if uploading via OASIS).

Your card will be a multifunctional card. It is a smart card (a card with an embedded integrated circuit for processing information) and is also a National Entitlement Card. If you are under 26 and have opted-in to the scheme, it will also be your Young Scot card.

Student cards take around 2 weeks to produce, so prompt receipt of your photo will ensure that your card will be ready when you arrive.